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Proven Defense In Professional Liability Matters

Professional malpractice cases involve technical disciplines generally not well-understood by most lawyers. At Banowsky & Levine, P.C., we bring a unique set of legal skills and professional experience to bear on behalf of clients facing serious professional malpractice allegations in the engineering, architectural, accounting and legal fields.

Baxter W. Banowsky’s engineering and Scott Levine’s accounting backgrounds allow them to better understand the underlying complexities of these cases, giving their clients a distinct advantage.

Working Quickly To Protect Your Career

Professional malpractice allegations in these fields arise when a client alleges harm as a result of negligence. It is difficult to prove the difference between a mistake and negligence; however, the effects on your career can be severe, even if the results are unfounded.

While we are a small firm, we are a litigation powerhouse. We work quickly, strategically and aggressively to gather evidence and formulate an effective response, putting you in the strongest possible position for a successful outcome. Additionally, you will always work closely with one of our partners, ensuring you benefit from their knowledge and trial skills.

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Do not put your career in the hands of an inexperienced attorney or a law firm that will pass your case off to an associate who doesn’t understand the finer points of your industry. Turn to attorneys with the right experience. We invite you to schedule a consultation today by calling our office in Dallas at 469-250-9591 or by contacting us online.