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Law Enforcement Litigation Defense

In this tumultuous climate, it is not uncommon for citizens to attempt to obtain damages for alleged police misconduct by filing a suit against a law enforcement officer or the police department. A lawsuit can have lasting and costly consequences for the department, officer and community safety.

At Banowsky & Levine, P.C., we defend public law enforcement entities and their individual officers against allegations of wrongdoing in both state and federal courts throughout Texas. Our clients benefit from our in-depth knowledge of the legal system, our experience in handling matters of municipal law and the community relationships we have established during our decades of practice. In addition to providing stringent defense, our attorneys can help officers and agencies take steps to prevent future incidents.

Protection For Those Who Serve

The criminal justice system places a special emphasis on those charged with upholding the law. Both state and federal governments have laws in place to protect citizens from constitutional violations. Daily, law enforcement officers grapple with the difficult aspects of their jobs and make split-second decisions that may be questioned later. The law provides police officers with some insulation against lawsuits to allow them to perform their job effectively. However, lawsuits against officers, departments and municipalities are increasingly common.

We recognize the importance of police accountability but also understand how false allegations can come about during an unpleasant confrontation that resulted in an arrest. Our firm handles cases involving:

  • Police officer misconduct
  • Wrongful arrest
  • Invasion of privacy
  • 1983 excessive force violations
  • Wrongful death from improper use of deadly force
  • Allegations of racial profiling

Let Us Find A Solution

Banowsky & Levine, P.C., has a distinguished track record of successfully defending officers and departments in civil courts. We are aggressive litigators who use a results-focused approach to create solutions tailored to each problem.

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