In Texas, there are laws in place to protect intellectual property. But many people, including creators, often wonder if these laws are all necessary. Some may feel like these preventative and protective measures are too much. There are good arguments why you should protect your intellectual property. is a site dedicated to spreading information about intellectual property. Also known as IP, intellectual property is critical to innovation. It helps keep creatives moving forward with new projects. It ensures that people like you can live off of your creations, art and inventions. 

If you do not protect your IP, you open yourself up to the possibility of IP theft. This is a debated topic across the globe. In the digital age, IP theft has become easier and more widespread than ever. Thieves steal thousands of ideas a day. Everything from unique art to entire patents for inventions are at risk. People take music, stories, business models, secret recipes and more. Due to the speed of the internet, it takes seconds to pass around this stolen information. 

Unfortunately, small business owners often suffer the most when it comes to IP theft. They struggle to make their voices heard. To some, it can feel like a lost cause, especially if they are up against bigger names. 

You should understand that patents do not automatically guarantee IP security. You still need to pursue thieves by taking them to court. But methods of IP protection guarantee that you can prove your IP belongs to you by law. It helps you fight and win court battles, which is invaluable.