A brand’s logo is a critical component of building brand recognition and standing apart from the competition for your Texas business. Protecting all intellectual property, including the logo, is vital to the integrity of the brand and safeguarding its future. At Banowski & Levine, P.C., we often help clients protect their intellectual property, from patents and trademarks to trade secrets.

According to the World Intellectual Property Organization, a trademark enables entities to distinguish themselves, their products and services from other enterprises and has protection under intellectual property rights. Begin the registration process completing and filing an application with the trademark office. It offers protection at the national and regional levels.

For international registration, you can file a trademark application with each country in which you wish protection. By doing so, you have exclusive rights to the registered logo or sign, reinforcing your position as the legal holder in the event of litigation. There is a fee for the initial registration and for renewals, which typically recur every 10 years.

Most trademarks include a combination of words, letters and numbers. However, they may also be three-dimensional, such as distinctive packaging and drawings. Fragrances, sounds and particular color shades may also carry trademarks. You can register virtually any feature that distinguishes your brand.

If a situation arises in which your logo is similar to that of another in a different industry or region, it may not affect either business. As long as the trademark performs its primary function, distinguishing your products and services from others, both can remain. Although a formal co-existence agreement can prevent infringement issues in the future, conducting research that prevents the similarity in the first place is the best policy. Visit our webpage for more information on this topic.